We are the Millennials

The generation known as me, me, me were said to have been born between 1982 and

We are also known as the Millennial generation or Generation Y. Now, if you’ve researched in to this topic, you would’ve seen that we are associated with certain characteristics (a lot of them don’t shed positive light, might I add).

Twenge (2006) associates Millennials with traits of confidence and tolerance. But, a lot of researchers suggests that we have a sense of “entitlement and narcissism”. Now, I believe every person or even generation has its drawbacks, but I can’t say that I agree (for the most part) that we feel we are entitled to what we want. When I observe my
surroundings I see a generation of people who are similar in age to me. I see hard workers, creative thinkers and go-getters. Growing up in an era where having an education just isn’t enough to help you stand out anymore; I see a generation of resilient adults trying to figure out where and how they can be the best at what they want to do.

We work hard to gain extra work experience and try to demonstrate how “well-rounded” we are through our array of extracurricular activities in the hope that we can land that all important job to guarantee a decent income.

Having spoken to people around me about this topic, it seems that we all agree on one
thing. The really important things aren’t taught in a classroom and if we want something
more out of life than working a 9-5 (which there is nothing wrong with by the way- most
of us including myself are doing this alongside our passions), we too will have to do
something more. We’ll have to search more, read more, explore more and push more
– and that is something I feel our generation really understands. We may be portrayed
as a “selfish” generation but I feel that perhaps being a little bit selfish isn’t necessarily a
bad thing. Investing in yourself and knowing what you want out of your life avoids you
becoming an asset in someone else’s.

Despite this, we have repeatedly been accused of being lazy (I’m sure you can think of
multiple times you’ve heard this from parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles etc). But as
writer Dixie Gillaspie explains (and believe me, I couldn’t agree more) “this generation
believes in efficiency of effort for maximum impact…and then naturally use technology
to achieve it”. We realise that there are easier ways of doing things and use resources
available to us to make this happen. This doesn’t make us less hardworking than the
generation prior to ours, if anything using all resources available just makes our goals
more attainable.

My social media accounts are full of daily updates on individuals trying to set up their
own businesses and pursue new careers. I love this. The drive us millennials have to
push ourselves in new directions is something that I really do find truly inspiring. I think
we are a generation that is getting quite good at accepting change. In fact, I see us
challenging things that stay the same more and more. As Grace Hopper quoted, “the most
dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way’”.

We realise that we don’t need to do things how they’ve always been done. We realise we have options. We can travel after education instead of going straight in to work; we have the choice to explore our own ideas and research potential business ventures instead of working for someone else. Not everything we try guarantees success but we realise that it’s better than doing nothing at all.

I hope to use this year to push myself mentally and physically as well as explore ideas I’ve been hesitant to for a while. I hope you find your passion and if you already have, I hope that you’re able follow this through with confidence and determination in order to make this year one to remember.

Fluffy LDN


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