We are the Millennials

The generation known as me, me, me were said to have been born between 1982 and 2004. We are also known as the Millennial generation or Generation Y. Now, if you’ve researched in to this topic, you would’ve seen that we are associated with certain characteristics (a lot of them don’t shed positive light, might […]

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Insecure and Poor

Your insecurities are being bought and sold. We can literally be manipulated in to buying anything. In a time where we like to think we revel in progressive thinking, where we have the freedom of speech and think we are leading our own path, without the unwanted influence of others, we are in fact selling […]

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Men ain’t _____ ?

First off I would like to start off by saying hashtags like “#menain’tsh*t” and “Menaretrash” do not in any way reflect the ideologies of feminism. Like a lot of things on social media these days, anything can go viral. One of the latest hashtags that has women (specifically) speaking is #Menain’tsh*t. There are thousands of […]

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Our first post ♀️

This is my very first post here at Fluffy LDN and I am super excited to be sharing this with you! My name is Amrita and I started Fluffy LDN on Instagram   in 2017 with an aim to empower women. In a society which demands perfection and for you to fit in to one category or […]

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